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Village Safari In Jodhpur

All around Jodhpur stung along and off Pali, Bishnoi community habitats in large numbers. Their fascinating rustic way of life, everyday rituals and folk architecture is worth seeing. The Bishnoi are renowned for strictly adhering to their 29 conservation principles founded in the 15- century by Jambeswarji.

The village of Khejerla has a memorial commomerating the sacrifice made by a Bishnoi woman, Amrit Devi and hundred of villagers in 1730. They had objected to felling of trees and thus in turn were killed by the Maharaj at that time. This region also thrives in large number of Indian antelope and to a Bishnoi; these are sacred animals to be protected at all cost.The usual safari undertaken heads from Khejerla to Singhasini (27 km) where it is interesting to watch potters at work. Thisis followed by shepherds’ settlement at Rebari and the village Guda Bishnoiyan, where the sight of a large number of chinkara and black-buck roaming about freely in and around the village is unique.

The nearby Guda Lake is home to various birds including the saras and demoiselle cranes. It is treat to watch the artisans indulged in superb terracotta work and block printing next at the village Kankani. The next stop is Salawas, well known for producing durries, carpets, rugs, bed covers and tents using camel or goat hair, wool and cotton. The villagers take pride and delight to explain their customs and daily life.

Rohet Garh at Rohet (40 km south of Jodhpur, Fort Chanwa and others also organise trips to the local villages. RohetGarh is known for its hospitality, excellent arrangements and excursions.